17 Trans People Share Advice For Coming Out Trans


“I’ve been out as trans for almost 11 years. Some things I’ve learned are: You are not responsible for people’s reactions; some may hurt, but they are not your fault. Coming out is a process, and it never stops. I first came out as a trans man, then as bigender, then as gender-fluid, and I currently identify as agender (you learn, grow, and change in every other aspect of your life; gender is no different). 

I did a lot of activism and brought about lasting change on my college campus, that said, I now rarely engage in those activities. You do not have to advocate for everyone, but you will always have to advocate for yourself (when it is safe to do so). Surround yourself with positivity. A good friend once told me, when I came out to him, that ‘those who matter won’t care, and those who care don’t matter,’ as an absolute, that’s not always a rule we can follow, but if you rally supportive people around you, essential people who are ignorant and hurtful will be easier to stand.”


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