17 Women’s Issues That Don’t Get Enough Attention


“The fact that birth control can be so hard to get on a regular basis.”

“Your doctor has to prescribe it right, your insurance has to approve, and you have to call the pharmacy to restock it. It can take a few hours every month just to make sure you’re still able to take it on time. Plus, your doctor is only open during business days (when you might be working). And sometimes you can only get one pack at a time, three if you’re lucky. 

Also, the government had to pass legislation to force insurance providers to offer some contraceptives for free, but if you switch carriers, the one you’re on might not be free, so you have to appeal or swallow the cost, which can be $80 per month. Or take a new formulation, which can really mess your body up. I go through this process way too often, and it makes me want to rip my uterus out.”


“And the idea that taking BC is ‘easy.’ I’ve literally never taken one that didn’t give me some kind of disruptively annoying side effects. And we’re just supposed to accept it.”


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