26 Reasons People Changed From Pro-Life To Pro-Choice


“I first began to rethink abortion when I found out my best friend in high school had one at 17. I was devastated that she went through that without me because she was scared of my judgment. We talked it through and are still best friends, now in our forties. I personally believe in the sanctity of the life of an unborn child. But I also believe we have to continue caring about people once they’re born. People parenting children with disabilities, parenting in poverty, teenage parents, and parents who have their own health issues face an uphill battle all their lives. I run a non-profit now with my husband, helping families in crisis.”

“Sometimes, our work includes supporting someone through an abortion, and I’m sad about it, but I never want anyone to feel like my best friend did, alone and scared. We help families find housing, medical care, mental health care, and public benefits. We provide food, contraception, support groups, and parenting classes, and we work closely with child welfare. I’ve seen so many complicated life stories. I want to be part of the change our country needs, not creating more problems and more barriers.”


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