46 Things Straight People Don’t Realize Are Straight Culture

1. Saying your favorite Britney Spears song is “Toxic”

2. Saying your favorite Lady Gaga song is “Bad Romance”

3. Saying you love Carly Rae Jepsen but only knowing “Call Me Maybe”

4. Probably thinking Kylie Minogue died

5. Not knowing Tinashe exists

6. Ignoring everything Lana Del Rey has released except that shitty remix of “Summertime Sadness”

7. Only knowing 1997 Robyn…

8. …but on the off chance you know more, feeling edgy and cool for knowing “Dancing On My Own”

10. Ed Sheeran

11. Letting Little Mix flop

12. Ignoring every pop girl when they turn 32

13. Dr. Phil

14. Losing their shit when they play “Shut Up And Dance With Me” at wedding

15. The song “Don’t Stop Believing”

16. Singing “Mr. Brightside” at karaoke

19. Wearing matching shirts

20. Trying to hook up their gay co-worker with their gay friend just because they are gay

21. Walking slowly

22. Wearing flip flops with jeans

23. Saying “nice” after someone says “69”

25. Freaking the fuck out whenever “Since U Been Gone” comes on like it’s the only Kelly Clarkson song they know

26. Owning anything with Grumpy Cat on it

27. Drinking glasses of milk

28. Taking up space on sidewalk as in not moving when other people are walking down the street

30. Telling your gay friends you loved “Queer Eye”

31. Only realizing “Drag Race” was a good show in the past year

32. Wearing board shorts

33. Wearing underwear under board shorts

35. Wanting a gay best friend

36. Hanging an inspirational quote in your house

37. “Live, Laugh, Love”

38. Those bumper stickers that are like “This car climbed Mount Washington”

39. Liking Justin Timberlake in 2018

41. Holding hands in public

42. Kissing in public

43. Rubbing their sexuality in everyone’s faces

44. Getting mad at this list

45. Thinking this list is discrimination against straight people

46. Not realizing I’m (kind of) just kidding!!!

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