Australian Healthcare System Vs. American Healthcare System


“I’ll give you my experience. I went to the GP [General Practitioner] because I was pissing blood. I’m from the country [in Australia], so no bulk billing, which meant I paid about $50 and got about $35 back. He ordered a blood test and ultrasound. I paid nothing for the blood test and the ultrasound set me back about $90 and I got about $30 back. A mass was detected in my kidney, so I was told I need a CT scan. CT scan set me back about $700 and I got about $500 back. GP rang me and sent me to a urologist, this cost about $150 and I can’t remember how much I got back. Urologist told me I need to have my kidney removed and booked me in for surgery.”

“I should point out that my GP visit was on a Tuesday and by the following Monday I had visited the specialist and was booked in for surgery, so this all happened extremely quickly. Five weeks later, I went into surgery and had my kidney removed. This cost me nothing — and because I live in a regional area, I was reimbursed some of my fuel and accommodation for my partner by the state government. Overall, I had a positive experience, but the surgery time did drag out as it was meant to be within four weeks. I love the public health system and we must protect it at all costs.”


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