Gay Autistic Person Things To Know

Love is a weird thing

The common misconception about autistic people is we don’t feel emotions, which is total bullshit. Many of us, including myself, are probably the most empathetic, non-judgmental people you will ever meet, but that’s another discussion. When it comes to love, autistic people love just as neurotypicals do. The one thing that separates autistics from neurotypicals is many autistic people identify as asexual, which means they experience little to no sexual attraction (also a spectrum of experiences). As a gay man, I do not identify this way. Despite old cliches spouted about autistics and sex, I enjoy sex. It’s a way to express my sexuality with people. I don’t shy away from it.

I would identify myself as aromantic, which is lacking romantic attraction. Growing up on the spectrum, friendships are something that I’ve struggled in maintaining. I’ve gotten better at letting my guard down to let people in, and I’ve had my heart broken but I’ve also found healing in it. Friendships intrigued me more than a partnership. Love can be described more than just through romance. Also, I’ve always been a career-oriented person, so the thought of being in a relationship seems like a waste of time. I’m upfront with guys about my desires. I never try to pressure them into doing things they don’t want to do. I want a guy who I could watch American Horror Story with, have great sex, go to lunch the next morning, and repeat the cycle (maybe unrealistic in this world).

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