Helpful Tips To Know As A Fitness Beginner

This might be an obvious one but it can be confusing to know which muscle groups can be worked every day versus those that cannot be and why. It’s easy to wonder how frequently you should be taking your favorite spin or barre class, or if it’s okay to do a ton of crunches every night. 

Technically speaking, depending on your fitness level and the intensity of your workouts, some muscle groups can be trained on back-to-back days, according to strength coach Dale Santiago. 

“[For] large muscle groups such as the back, chest, and legs, rest days should not be back-to-back. These muscles require rest since they fatigue quicker and recover slower due to limited blood supply,” he said. 

So this ultimately means that you might want to avoid doing pushups and chest presses on back-to-back days. However, if your legs are sore from an intense leg workout, going for a long walk the following day to circulate blood flow to those sore muscles is a great idea. 

“Secondary muscles — those assisting the primary muscle in a movement — tend to recover faster as they were recruited to a lesser degree,” added Calliet. So to maximize results, be mindful of the different muscles you’re training and wait for them to recover before training them again. 

To further explain this, in a chest press, the large muscle group being worked is the chest, while the secondary muscles assisting are the triceps and front delts. 

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