I Tested A Vibrating Period Belt That Helps Period Symptoms

Overall, I think the OBI belt was really helpful with soothing my period symptoms and letting me go about my normal routine during a painful day when I otherwise would’ve just wanted to curl up in a ball. Here are my honest thoughts on it:

Will I continue to use it for future period pain?

Yes! I really loved how convenient it was to strap on the belt and go about my business rather than feeling the need to curl up with a heating pad glued to my stomach and back. Usually, when I have period symptoms, it’s difficult to move around much, and honestly, all I really want to do is curl up in a ball. The fact that I was able to soothe my pain while moving around and wearing it under clothes was ideal. I’ve also never used vibration therapy to help with my period pain — since I only relied on a regular heating pad — but I think the combo of the two is what really did the trick with subsiding my pain. Going forward, I plan to use the OBI belt for both of its functions. 

How is it different from a regular heating pad?

The OBI belt is much more lightweight than a heating pad and it’s portable, meaning you can strap it on your body wherever you need some relief. I was able to strap it on under my clothes and go about my day without relying on sitting near an outlet since the belt runs on a USB charge. The belt wasn’t heavy at all to wear under my clothes — the brand’s site even claims it weighs less than an apple. It also felt safe enough to keep on my skin without getting a heating pad burn as I’ve gotten in the past. I do advise everyone to use it with caution and if it’s getting too hot, remove it from your skin immediately. 

Was it worth the money?

I do feel that over $60 for the OBI belt is a bit pricey. I have my own thoughts about the price of feminine products being expensive so to purchase something for this much money to relieve symptoms from something my body does each month is a bit wild. However, although I was sent this product to test, it did help me a great deal. I loved the fact that I didn’t have to spend half my day moaning and groaning about my period symptoms and I was able to actually go about my day without feeling terrible pain. So if you’re someone like me, who is tired of relying on heating pads and ibuprofen, it might be worth giving this belt a try. 

Was there anything about the belt that I didn’t like?

I mentioned this earlier, but I struggled with some of the buttons, which also might be my own fault. Not everyone might have the same trouble with turning the belt on and off but this was my personal experience with it. 

It’s important to keep in mind that everyone’s bodies and experiences are different so what works for me may not work for everyone. 

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