I’m Truly Dying Over This Very Important But Subtle Detail In Gus Kenworthy’s Halloween Costume

Raise your hand if you remember when Olympic figure skater Adam Rippon wore this outfit to The Oscars last year.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

All of you? Great! Anyway, yeah, it was a beautiful leather harness tuxedo. Fashion at it’s finest, and Adam’s Olympic BFF Gus Kenworthy decide to pay homage/ just dress up as Adam Rippon for Halloween this year.

He nailed it! The harness. The rings. The lack of shoulders in the jacket. The deep stare into the camera. It is as my Italian grandma said, “very-a nice-a.”

But there is one detail of the costume that Gus chose to alter a bit.

Just one not-so-small change.

Gus replaced the Oscar with a wiener.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

And there you have it folks! A good costume is all about the little details, such as a subtle gold penis. SPOOPY!!!!

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