Keira Knightley, Husband, 2 Young Kids Contract COVID

Keira, who is fully vaccinated, is “feeling pretty rubbish,” while her 2 and 6-year-old kids are recovering.

Keira Knightley has confirmed that all members of her immediate household, including the actor herself, have tested positive for COVID-19.

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The Oscar winner — who stars alongside Lily-Rose Depp, Annabelle Wallis, Matthew Goode, and Jojo Rabbit’s Roman Griffin Davis in the upcoming comedy-horror holiday film Silent Night — shared her family members’ diagnoses during a recent interview with The Daily Telegraph’s Stella magazine.

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Keira noted that, while she and her husband, musician James Righton, are currently quarantining at home with their children, her COVID-19 case was the only one that presented with serious symptoms.

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“Do you mind if we don’t turn our camera on?” she asked The Daily Telegraph reporter who interviewed her. “It’s just that I’ve got COVID and I’m feeling pretty rubbish.”

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Keira and James married in 2013 and share two daughters, Edie and Delilah Knightley Righton, who are now six and two years old. She explained that both kids’ COVID-19 symptoms are milder than her own, while her husband is asymptomatic altogether.

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“[He is] being very smug about it,” Keira said of James. “He is convinced it’s because he’s one of those cold-water swimmers and I’m not.”

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Health officials haven’t yet conclusively identified reasons why some people who contract the viral respiratory illness experience symptoms, and others do not. The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) maintains that, while certain underlying medical conditions seem to increase the risk of developing severe health complications from COVID-19, “anyone can have mild to severe symptoms.”

Like many folks worldwide who’ve contracted the disease after having been immunized against it, Keira previously received two doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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Keira pulled out of a project last year, an Apple TV+ series called The Essex Serpent, due to restrictions implemented as a result of the pandemic and the fact that they’d require her to spend significant time away from her and James’ youngest daughter.

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“As the COVID cases increase in the U.K. and additional lockdown and restriction rules are potentially being imposed, with so many unknowns, there wasn’t a comfortable scenario for Keira that could be put in place for an extended period of child care required for the 4.5-month production,” a rep for Keira said in a statement to People magazine in October of 2020.

Even as global vaccination numbers rise, COVID-19 is continuing to spread. Head to the CDC’s website for more information about how to best protect yourself and others from the disease, or visit the NHS website for guidance specific to the UK.

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