Kim Kardashian Got Booed At A Rams Game

Kim Kardashian didn’t exactly get a warm welcome while stopping by the most recent Rams game.

Over the weekend, Kim attended the football game with her son Saint and some of his friends.

The group was sitting in a VIP box enjoying the game when Kim was shown on the Jumbotron — and the crowd didn’t seem to be about it.

Kim Kardashian was just booed at SoFi Stadium during #Cowboys vs #Rams 😬

John Legend and “Steve” received a neutral response

09:53 PM – 09 Oct 2022

@natashadye / Via Twitter: @natashadye

Moments after Kim’s face appeared and she blew a kiss, the crowd’s cheers morphed into boo-ing.

In the video, captured by People sportswriter Natasha Dye, Kim could be seen continuing to smile and wave as the boos got louder, before one of Saint’s friends jumped into the shot.

Thankfully, Kim and Saint didn’t seem too fazed by the whole thing and looked like they had a great time the rest of the game.

Saint and his pal even got to check out the Rams’ Vince Lombardi Trophy and later went down to the field.

It unfortunately seems like a lot of celebs have had to deal with a rude crowd — but definitely have figured out how to handle it like pros!

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