LIzzo Asks Fans For Six Feet Of Space Amid COVID-19

“I don’t care who you are… You could be quadruple vaccinated.”

Lizzo is not playing any games with her health.

While taking to her Instagram Live, she asked her fans to give her 6 feet of space for her physical and mental health because she doesn’t want to contract the delta variant of COVID-19, which is affecting more and more people in the U.S.

“I don’t care who you are. You could be the nicest person. You could be vaccinated. You could be quadruple vaccinated. If you see me, please give me 6 feet,” Lizzo said.

“This shit is coming back,” she added. “COVID. And people being real sloppy with personal space.”

“If y’all see me in the street, come up on me, want to hug, want to shake my hand, want to kiss me on the cheek, don’t do it. Don’t do it,” Lizzo said. “Cause I ain’t trying to catch this motherfucking virus that’s coming back.”

“I don’t play that,” she continued. “I’m about to be rude. I’m nice, you know what I’m saying? But this virus gonna have me acting up, I’m gonna be mean.”

Lizzo said she’s trying to keep herself healthy for her team, friends, and family. And she urges her fans to do the same.

“I love y’all, and I want y’all to be the same way,” she said. “Protect yourselves. Wear your masks.”

“And until this is cleared up and we know what the fuck this variant is and who it affects — stay safe my friends.”

Lizzo has got the right idea.

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