Naomi Osaka On Speaking Up About Mental Health Struggles

“The more we can all be open, the more we can help each other be better.”

Naomi Osaka has been very open about her mental health struggles, and one thing she appreciates from other people is their transparency.

During a new interview with People, Naomi opened up about her mental health journey and revealed why it was important for her to speak up about it.

“I never thought about speaking my mind as something that was difficult,” she said. “I really just wanted to express my true feelings and be honest with not only myself but to others about struggles.”

“The more we can all be open the more we can help each other be better,” Osaka continued. “It has been really nice to feel supported not only by my family, team and brand partners but also by the fans and fellow athletes.”

“I was most surprised to hear from so many people that they, too, had been struggling but were afraid to speak up.”

Osaka, who has grappled with depression and anxiety, withdrew from the French Open this May due to her mental health.

If anything, this teaches us that it’s OK to not be OK and it helps to speak up about what you’re going through.

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