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This company replaces all of its printers, so pilot fish sends out comprehensive instructions to everyone: Here’s how to set up the new printers on your workstation, and here’s where you go to download the drivers you will need.

Everything seems to go smoothly, but one user shows up in fish’s office brandishing printouts with severe color streaking. “And the colors are all wrong!” he tells fish. He has tried multiple applications and even different printers, all with the same result.

Fish is going to be out of the office for a couple of days, but he’s secretly glad he is going to have to get the printer vendor to deal with this user’s problem. 

While fish is out of the office, the user sends him an email saying that the vendor told him all the drivers are wrong and he should contact fish to get the right ones. They aren’t even for the right printer manufacturer!

So when fish returns to work, he remotes into the user’s machine and sees that he still has the drivers for the old printers, which are indeed from a different company.

Fish decides that simply giving this user the same instructions a second time isn’t going to work, so he deletes all his printer drivers, then tells him to read the document to find out what to do next.

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