People Are Mourning This Dad After His Final Facebook Post

Davis, a doctor living in Melbourne, was diagnosed with the disease when he was 33.

MND gradually destroys nerve cells, affecting a person’s ability to control the muscles you need to move, speak, eat and breathe. There is no cure, and patients live an average of two to three years after their diagnosis.

At the time of his diagnosis, Davis was working in haematology at Melbourne’s Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

“Patients are diagnosed with MND at nearly the same rate as many other neurodegenerative diseases, but the fact stands: we don’t live long enough to create a burden on society, so there is no incentive for governments or pharmaceutical companies to pursue new treatments,” Davis wrote in an article about his disease in 2012. “There isn’t enough profit to be made.”

He asked that people that knew him write to his son via email to tell him what he was like.

“Please tell my boy I love him and I’m so proud to be his Dad,” he wrote.

He also asked for people to donate to Fight MND.

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