People Who Have Been To Therapy Are Sharing Things They Wish They Knew Before Starting, And They’re Really Valuable Insights


“You can’t just turn over responsibility for your life to a therapist. It’s up to you to find ways to make your life work; the therapist’s role is (or should be) to offer new ways to look at old issues, not ‘fix’ everything for you. Additionally, patients should question their therapist’s suggestions, especially when they do not seem directly related to what they are seeking help with.”

“Some therapists bring their own prejudices, misconceptions, and needs to each session. And nobody should feel locked into seeing someone who makes them feel uncomfortable, small, or stupid. 

I saw a counselor at a community mental health center who insisted I attend OA meetings because of my anorexia — when I was actually experiencing severe depression and asking to be referred to a psychiatrist for treatment. She refused.

Finally, targeted therapy like CBT — with a stated time frame and specific goals in each session — can be more beneficial than simply sitting on a couch and hashing things out. Years after completing CBT with a fantastic therapist, I still apply what I learned each and every day.” —Anonymous, Florida

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