Photos Show The Joy And Pain Of Boston Marathon Runners

They trained, and then they trained some more. Yesterday, for the first time in over two years, runners crossed the finish line at the Boston Marathon. Last year’s Marathon was canceled due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, and this year organizers cut the field by a third, admitting 20,000 of the usual 30,000 competitors. This is also the first time that the 125-year-old marathon has been run in the fall.

To mark the occasion, photographer and documentary filmmaker Ben Garvin flew into Boston to capture these incredible photos of marathon finishers. “Finish lines are a nonstop visual cascade of extraordinary human beings achieving a truly extraordinary thing,” said Garvin, who has documented about a dozen race finishes in the Twin Cities, where he is based. “I’m searching for people that seem lost in themselves, lost in their triumph or pain or pure joy. It’s a beautiful thing to witness that often moves me to tears.”

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