Pregnancy Questions Answered By A Doctor

Kashani: “Pickles, I think, are just a myth, but there are definitely changes in taste buds during pregnancy that can lead to craving more salty, sour, or sweet things, so that’s why some people gravitate toward pickles, when previously they didn’t. But it is kind of a myth that every pregnant woman craves pickles.

“In terms of ice, it is oftentimes just because pregnant women feel hotter than nonpregnant women because of all the hormones, particularly the hormone progesterone. The other reason is that a lot of pregnant women have mild anemia or low blood levels because of the changes that come with pregnancy. This actually can cause you to crave ice. If it’s very severe, it’s a condition called pica — that’s where you crave abnormal things essentially because your blood counts are low or you have anemia.”

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