The Future Of Sex Tech

Future of Sex podcast host and sextech expert Bryony Cole defines sextech as “any technology designed to enhance sexuality.” Sexuality doesn’t just center around the physical act itself but also encompasses well-being, health, personal safety, education, entertainment, and gender identity. In the past five years, many forces converged to open up a world of new possibilities for exploring desire and pleasure. The increase in research on matters of sex led by trailblazing female researchers mean we have a better understanding of what makes us tick than ever before. The #MeToo movement and rise in the acceptance of female sexuality have opened up new spaces for thinking and healing.

As age-old stigmas are being broken down, technologies spanning digital platforms, remote-controlled sex toys for a range of abilities and needs, and AI are popping up left and right. And, in these exciting times, as more and more women and BIPOC tech founders are crossing one of the greatest taboos of modern society, they are disrupting the technology world and breaking barriers through pleasurable products that stem from a diverse range of perspectives. 

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