Things I’m Sick Of Hearing As Someone With Depression

Obviously it’s fine to ask these at first, but I’ve had people really push this after I tell them I’m feeling depressed, and get frustrated when I can’t tell them what’s wrong besides, “I’m feeling depressed.” Sometimes there isn’t any more than that — and also, depression can make it hard to think straight or articulate yourself well, at least for me. 

Sometimes the depression just hits, and all my coping mechanisms are working fine, but it’s just a tough day. There’s nothing I really need to work through, and seeing friends struggle to get through to me and find something to “fix” is hard, because then they get upset that they can’t find anything, and I feel guilty, and it just spirals from there. Obviously I know people mean well with this, but it can be really frustrating to feel like people are trying to fix something that’s just part of you. Instead, offer to listen or just sit with them and watch movies or do something else that’s low-effort! It’s also always good to ask what the person would like in that moment rather than pushing to make them feel better.

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