This Artist Documented Her Journey With Endometriosis

During her laparoscopic surgery in September 2020, she underwent extensive excision surgery and was diagnosed with Stage III Endometriosis with dense fibrosis and calcified adhesions. She detailed it more to BuzzFeed, adding, “My left ovary was filled with endometriomas, was double the size of my bladder, and was adhered to my bowel, my uterus, and my pelvic wall. My right ovary was covered with superficial endo, and was pulled deep into my right pelvic wall from adhesions. My bladder was adhered to my pelvic wall, along with my left ureter. I had dense fibrosis behind the entire left wall of my pelvis. I received a unilateral salpingo-oophorectomy (I had my left ovary and fallopian tube removed) and an appendectomy due to the irreversible damage from my endometriosis.”

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