This Artist Is Drawing Each Chapter Of “A Song Of Ice And Fire” And It’s Awesome

And there’s a cool detail about the color palettes in each drawing, too. Noa explained:

“You might notice that every house gets a color palette, as the books are based on point of views. All the Starks — Sansa, Bran, Arya, Ned, Catelyn — are gray-blue like their northern, Stark demeanor. Daenerys got a yellow palette based on the Targaryen colors and on the eastern exotic cityscapes. Jon got a gray palette with red highlights because it looks great against the Night’s Watch uniform and the snowy landscapes (they’re my favorite to draw because I just love adding snow textures). The Greyjoys got seafoam green, Lannisters got red, and so on.”

Noa is currently on the third book, A Storm of Swords, and plans on finishing all five books that have come out so far.

“I hope this will encourage fans of the show to read the books, and entertain book fans while we’re waiting for the sixth book.”

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