This Woman’s Pelvic Floor Stopped Her From Fully Orgasming

In addition to her pelvic floor therapist, Giuls also said that she sees a urogynecologist, who prescribed vaginal muscle relaxer suppositories, which Giuls described as “an absolute game-changer.” She said, “The first night I tried them, I started yelling to my sisters going ‘Is this what other people’s vaginas really feel like?!'” In addition to this, Giuls also said that she received trigger point injections in her pelvic floor muscle to ease her muscles as well. 

Giuls, who suffers from particularly painful periods, added that her pelvic floor physical therapist was also able to help her find a specialist, whereas previous gynecologists tried to tell her that her symptoms were normal. Giuls is also scheduled for robotic laparoscopic excision surgery, a procedure where doctors remove growths or scar tissue from the uterus. and said, “All of these things I believe are moving me forward to vagina 2.0 free from pelvic pain, and hopefully able to have a full orgasm finally!”

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