Throwback Thursday: Why we love sales people

This developer pilot fish supports several software packages at his company — among them, an ERP system that includes sales and financial processing.

“Our accounting supervisor came into my office early one morning,” says fish. “She wanted to know if we had any way of telling who might have updated a discount field on an invoice that was received by a customer two days earlier.”

Turns out the customer had been promised a certain discount by the sales rep. But when the invoice arrived, no discount.

Customer complained to the sales rep, who called the accounting supervisor — and now it’s fish’s problem.

Fish checks the invoice on his system. Sure enough, no discount.

He checks the sales order, which is where the discount information for the invoice comes from. The discount is there.

He checks the audit trail for the invoice, just in case someone happened to remove the discount. Nope, no one had touched it — and fish is getting worried.

“However, I decided to check the audit trails for this information on the sales order,” fish says.

“I discovered the discount had not been entered until the previous day — by the sales person who was now complaining that his customer did not receive the correct invoice two days earlier.”

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