Woman Finally Gets A Diagnosis For Her Pain On TikTok

People who have PCS often experience pain that can be dull, aching, sharp, or dragging in the pelvis, abdomen, and/or lower back. “The pain lasts longer than six months and is often worse around menses and when standing,” she said. “Pain with intercourse (dyspareunia) or pain following intercourse is another symptom of PCS.”

“Additional symptoms may include a fullness feeling in the pelvis, vagina/middle canal, perineum, and/or labia/genital folds; swelling in the vaginal/middle canal, perineum, and/or labia/genital folds; varicose veins in the top, inner, or back part of the thighs, vaginal/middle canal, labia/genital folds, mons pubis/suprapubic space, and/or perineal area; bladder issues, including stress, urinary incontinence, urinary frequency, urinary urgency; and bowel issues, including constipation and/or diarrhea,” she said.

About 10%–15% of referrals to gynecologists and pain clinics are PCS-related, and it is estimated that 10 million women suffer from chronic pelvic pain — 7 million of whom do not seek treatment.

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